Thomas Duncan Hall, Inc.


New IRS 501(c)(3) Classification


For 75 years, the Community House Association has preserved and maintained Duncan Hall, the historic structure gifted to our community by Thomas Duncan.  Duncan Hall provides a place for cultural, educational and celebratory events that enrich our community. 

The Sarah Duncan Education Council was organized in 2001 to assist in the development and implementation of educational programs that enhance the civility, character, and citizenship in Greater Lafayette.  Since its inception, over 5000 First-Graders have participated in the "Manners are Fun" program.

Now, in the spirit of Thomas Duncan's original gift, these two groups have merged into one new organization to be known as Thomas Duncan Hall, Inc.  The board of directors of the non-surviving Community House Association will serve as the board of directors for the new organization.

The new single organization with the IRS section 501(c)(3) not-for-profit classification will make Thomas Duncan Hall, Inc. eligible for grants and gifts to the organization that were difficult under the old structure.  It also paves the way for gift plans through other foundations that would benefit both the benefactor, the community and Duncan Hall.

If you are interested in involvement in such a program, please contact Linda Sutter, 619 Ferry Street, Lafayette, IN 47901, (765) 742-4788, E-mail: