Historic Duncan Hall


Recent Grants

Duncan Hall is grateful for the recent Tipmont REMC Operation Roundup Grant totaling $1,500.00.This will be used to support the Manners Are Fun program.  $1,000.00 will be for the printing of books, $60.00 for a story board and the balance of $400.00 for supplies. 


We at Duncan Hall are very appreciative that SIA has selected the hall for a grant of $2,550.00.  This will be used for  the Secret Garden roof and wall repair.


 2010 Grants to Thomas Duncan Hall

We are grateful to these organizations for their generous support.

The Greater Lafayette Community Foundation supplied funding for back steps, handrail, gate and guard railing.

Tipmont REMC supplied funding to support The Manners Are Fun program.

The Marquis Foundation also supplied funding to support for The Manners Are Fun program.

Program Volunteers

Children today are growing up in an increasingly rude and disrespectful world.  Common courtesies and everyday manners are often the exception rather than the norm.  Traditionally, manners were taught in the home, but in today’s society that is frequently not occurring.  The Manners Are Fun Program can help!

The Manners Are Fun Program is an interactive program on everyday manners for first graders.  It is sponsored, organized and run by Thomas Duncan Hall, Inc.  If you would like to volunteer to help with teaching sessions please call or email Aura Lee Emsweller to schedule an opportunity to visit an actual class and possibly help with future classes.


Sponsor a School


Each school sends their first graders to a 2 1/2 hour program at Duncan Community Hall.  In order to cover the cost for facilities use, supplies and administration, we are seeking sponsorships at $300 per session.

Help us continue this worthwhile program by sponsoring a school.

Please make check payable to Thomas Duncan Hall, Inc. and mail to the address below.  Thomas Duncan Hall, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation and your contribution is tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.


Other Gifts

All gifts of any size for the facility or programs are greatly appreciated.

Bequests, charitable trusts and other means of planned giving can benefit both the donor and Thomas Duncan Hall, Inc.  If you are considering such, we would welcome the opportunity to help develop a mutually beneficial plan.  Please contact Linda Sutter


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