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The Need

Children today are growing up in an increasingly rude and disrespectful world.  Common courtesies and everyday manners are often the exception rather than the norm.  Traditionally, manners were taught in the home, but in today’s society that is frequently not occurring.

The Manners Are Fun Program can help!

What is the MANNERS ARE FUN Program?

The Manners Are Fun Program is an interactive program on everyday manners for first graders.  It is sponsored by the Thomas Duncan Hall, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is, in part, to develop educational programs that enhance civility, character, and citizenship in Greater Lafayette.  For the 2006-07 school year, the Manners Are Fun Program will be offered to all of the schools, both public and private, in Tippecanoe County (31 schools and approximately 2000 students).

The program introduces first graders to everyday manners with an approach that is engaging, informative, and fun!   Students spend a morning at Duncan Community Hall where the beautiful architecture and ambience of the building provide the perfect setting.  They participate in three activity groups where they learn basic skills and acquire knowledge in setting the table, table manners, and meeting and greeting people.  Afterwards, they practice what they’ve learned by eating a snack using china and silverware on linen-covered tables.  They sing a fun song on manners, and then return to school, excited and enthusiastic about using good manners.

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Some Comments about the Program

The parents, teachers, and students were thrilled by this program!  So much learning and fun took place.”  Anne Marshall, First Grade Teacher, Mayflower Mill Elementary School

“I can honestly say that the manners presentation at Duncan Hall has been one of the most exciting and rewarding projects and experiences in my thirty-two years of teaching!  How successful it was!”  Marcia Weber, First Grade Teacher, Glen Acres Elementary School

“Thank you for teaching me how to set the table.  I learned how much manners matter.”  Emmalie Hodge, First Grader, Durgan Elementary School

“I think the kids thought manners were dull and boring, but after the program, they found out they can be fun too.”  Laura Nelson, parent, Burnett Creek Elementary School

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